Happy Second Birthday Big Guy

Jaxson, I can’t believe we are celebrating your second birthday today! I feel like this year went quicker than your first year, I don’t know how thats possible!

We have had an amazing year haven’t we? We celebrated many milestones and firsts.


This year you learned to crawl. It was amazing to watch you pull yourself across the floor trying to get the nailpolish last summer. We were all freaking out! Out of no where you decided that you wanted something and you were going to get it. Your pull slowly turned into being up on your arms and dragging your legs with your hips splayed behind you, that was funny to watch! Now you are up on all fours, and you’re stealthy and crazy fast! You are getting into everything, and we are encouraging every single moment of your mischievous independence.

This year you made giant leaps in communication (my favourite milestone!!). Just after you turned 1 you learned your first sign (milk). It took a while for more signs to catch, but now you are picking new ones up daily! You have learned that you can communicate using signs and you are super proud of yourself (SO YOU SHOULD BE!). I love when you ask for things, initiate communication and respond to our questions. YOU ARE SO SMART!

This year you picked up many many many funny quirks.

  • Your obsession with your feet, making people smell your feet, smelling your own feet, and having your feet the center of attention.
  • The toilet…. oh lordy keeping you away from that toilet is a full time job!!
  • Throwing your rings around the house, you could do it ALL day long
  • Making people do things like kiss eachother (You physically grab our ears and push me and your momma together) or hold hands. You have taken your love for love to a whole new level and it is AMAZING!
  • Fake crying…. you are a DRAMA QUEEN! You have now mastered your fake cry to make it sound like your hurt cry. We will come running and you turn to us with a giant grin, you little turd!
  • The head toss when you don’t want to do something (again, DRAMA QUEEN)
  • Another body part that you are obsessed with is your glorious belly. You don’t mind hiking up your shirt to show anyone and everyone.
  • You figured out that psyching people out is hilarious. Like going in for a kiss and pulling away last minute. Or handing us something like our phone or lip chap, and at the last minute tossing it in the opposite direction, and giving a little giggle

This year you developed such an amazing personality. You are hilarious, stubborn, sweet and very caring. You are kind and gentle, but you are also a little hulk when you want to be. You have become a real, little person this year and it has been wonderful to watch!


This year you fought illness like a champ and managed to go a whole year without a hospital stay!! Well minus that reaction to the anesthetic when you got your ear tubes that earned you 1 overnight stay, but I don’t count that. I remember very vividly your pediatrician telling us when we had got to our breaking point with your hospital admissions to just hang tight and get through your first year. That you kiddos always have a rough first year and after that we will be fine. Boy was she right. Thank goodness! Thats not to say that we haven’t had our issues. Your severe sleep apnea diagnosis was a hard pill to swallow, although not a surprise. You crushed BiPAP and we are all starting to have more and more restful nights.

We have had one amazing year together buddy. From snow days to a beach vacation. From your own room, to co-sleeping, to back to your crib. From crushing milestones to stubbornly refusing to do things.

Thank you for another wonderful year of being our son. Every day with you is a perfect one. Come rain or shine, sickness or health, you make every day the best day ever. Keep on being your wonderful, silly, stubborn, strange self because YOU ARE PERFECT!

So today we celebrate your second birthday, we celebrate YOU and all your perfection. Today is YOUR day little man!

Happy second birthday big guy!



2 thoughts on “Happy Second Birthday Big Guy

  1. Thanks you for sharing Jaxson 2nd birthday with us.What a year he has had growing and learning so much, what a BOY. You both deserve congratulations for the great job. Hope we can get you on skype later. Have a Happy Birthday Jaxson,lots of hug and kisses

    Nan and Pop

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  2. …..and THANK YOU, Jax, for completely stealing Gampa’s and my hearts!!! We are so gloriously in love with you and wish you uncountable healthy years to come!! Happy birthday sweetheart!!! 🎈🎉🍰🍦 😘😍❤️


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