Why Down Syndrome?

Before Jaxson came into our life we were always very open with not only our plan to adopt, but our plan to adopt a child with Down Syndrome. The most common reaction was “Why would you do that” (with the exasperated, gasping undertone), followed by “oh my god did you realize you’re going to have a child FOREVER”. Or the second most popular reaction of “oh my god, you guys are AMAZING people for doing that”. Well I think we are neither crazy or amazing, just 2 people who have lots of love to give to a special child.

I thought the only way to start this blog off right would be to go back to the beginning and answer that most annoying question of “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?”. And here it goes…..

When I was a young child I had a good friend named Mandy. Mandy was a few years older than I was and she just so happened to have Down Syndrome. She also happened to be my neighbour, and of course when you are young and untainted by the world you don’t choose your friends. Your friends are whoever you are surrounded by, and since Mandy lived right next-door, our friendship was very convenient. I think I always knew Mandy was ‘different’ but I always LOVED being around her, she was fun, carefree, and easy to be with. This friendship cultivated my love for people with DS.

My mom recently told me that when I was 7, I came home one day and told her that I was going to grow up to be a mommy to a child just like Mandy.  This makes me chuckle because I did not realize that I had this vision for my life at such a young age. I do however, remember being in jr high school and making pacts with my friends (and they can attest to this) that whoever had a child born with DS would be giving them to me. Maybe a little inappropriate? I’m not too sure, lol. I have just always known that I would one day parent one of these special kids.

I had always made my desire clear to Alex, and I guess I could say she was always ‘on board-ish’. We had settled on the agreement that if one day, down the road when we had a bunch of money stock piled away (yeah right) and we could afford for me to be home full time for at least 5 years, then we can adopt a child with DS. I think in Alex’s mind she knew this wouldn’t actually come to fruition and I was appeased in the meantime. Or so she thought…….

Well needless to say Alex had an ‘ah ha’ moment (I’ll let her share that story) and here we are 8 months later with our beautiful little Jaxson…..

I encourage everyone to educate themselves about DS and you will see why we are neither crazy for wanting a child with DS, or ‘amazing angels’ for taking this on.

We are just a couple of gals who were meant to be Jaxson’s mommies…..


6 thoughts on “Why Down Syndrome?

  1. I have 5 adopted siblings with DS. My parents started adopting DS when I was 16 and I have never been the same. My world took on a whole new meaning, and I was blessed beyond belief. Just holding my first baby brother in my arms was like holding heaven. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the joy that that sweet boy brings to your lives. He is beautiful! ❤


  2. My first friend as a little girl was also a girl with Downs Syndrome, her name is Jane and she’s in her 50’s now and from what I gather from 1/3 of the way round the world she’s doing just fine!!! By coincidence my youngest brother was born with Downs and I wouldn’t trade him for a “normal” sibling. My brother was deemed inoperable for the hole in his heart but we live in a climate that is neither extremes of heat or cold and with an amazing medication he too is doing well. At 3 they gave him 5 years to live….next week he turns 31!!! That’s an awful lot of birthdays we weren’t told to expect. Get well soon Jaxson… your 3 Mommies love you!!!


  3. Dear both, you’re really a cute family and amazing parents. You can be really proud of you 3!! Such a true family love story is inspiring!!


  4. Iam the mother of 6. Long story to tell why I has the last 2 as an older Mom another time. But so yeah, I only planned on 1 more. But ya all know about “plans” lol. So, I was pregnant at 43. As an older Mom I had the suggest amnio. Plus my dad had been born with spina bifida, so there was always that concern somewhat.

    I have the amnio, they call and say one lab value slightly high. I remember only sorting out in my head that I wouldn’t change anything even if I knew for certain it meant DS. So why worry? I recall thinking. The neonatal specialist could find no obvious indication of anything including DS.

    When he was born he had a slight tongue tie. Which was easily fixed as a newborn. He is 10 now and he is “special” alright. No DS, or anything. But he has the kindness and caring gentleness that DS ppl always have. So I guess their testing was just ultra sensitive lol and picked up on his nature. ❤


  5. I would love to hear your partner’s side of the story, is it written somewhere?

    I am like you, my husband and I already have one beautiful boy who is 2 and a half and are currently in the process of becoming foster Ma and Pa (long term). I have such a deep yearning to love a child with DS, a child who would otherwise not get to experience the love and security that I feel we could give them. My husband understands my reasons and even is at moments “on board-ish” but is very fearful of the unknown. I don’t want this to be something I go for with everything I have unless he is where I am. Would love to read about how your partner got there too.

    You are a beautiful family ❤️❤️


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