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My name is Holly, and along with my wife Alex, are mommas to a beautiful baby named Jaxson. Jaxson made us mommies overnight and has thrown us, head first, into the world of parenting, Down Syndrome and adoption. This is our blog about our randomly, beautiful life together.


I’m Holly, the one who will be doing most of the updating πŸ™‚ I work as a paramedic….


That’s me πŸ™‚ I have been married to my wife, Alex for 2.5 years. Alex is a firefighter….


….awwwww ain’t she cute!!! We have a pretty fun life together. We are very active people and love to do anything outdoors. Skiing, snowboarding, biking, rollerblading, long boarding, golfing, surfing, you name it and we do it (or at least have tried it). We have done quite a bit of travelling together, and if it involves sun, sand, and waves we will be there!! We decided to start a family about a year ago and had always discussed adoption (which will be fully explained in the blog) and so we started the process….. and enter this little guy….


This is Jaxson. You may see him referred to as ‘pickle pants’ in this blog, thats our nickname for him. Jaxson came into our lives VERY abruptly, which is just very fitting for us.

and this is our story unfolding for your reading pleasure…..

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I heard you on CBC radio today and found your site.

    You are so beautiful together and your love and commitment to Jaxson is both inspiring and heartbreaking – and so genuine.

    You two are wonderful and amazing!


  2. You are such a beautiful, perfect family! I’m so glad you all picked each other. I’ve never followed a blog before, but I’ve fallen in love with yours! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Just read your story. I was really blown away by your love, determination, braveness and compassion. You’re a lovely family! My bro has down syndrome and he is the best that’s happen to me. Sometime things are so hard, but the love he gives …
    Many blessings for your family.


  4. I found your videos on youtube early this morning… im sitting sitting here the dark and watching my wife and son as well while they sleep. I came upon your videos and watched your first days with your new born son… thank you for sharing a very brief part of your lives and hope to see more of jaxson soon. What a handsome young man and son u2 have.


  5. I found your video on YouTube. I was having a hard day and looked up adoption stories because they always make me happy. Not only did you adopt an adorable baby boy but we both live in Calgary. I hope I randomly see you 3 around town in the future.


  6. I stumbled across your beautiful blog today. I can’t express how lovely it is to see such love in all of the posts. Can’t wait for more update on your families beautiful life ❀


  7. I just watched your video from the link of WDSD whilst doing my study… I have read your blogs and watched most of the videos, then realised I haven’t got to know you two – the beautiful mommies, so I clicked here and read through.
    I just feel full of love from your blog and I will follow you 3!
    Best in the 2016 xox!


  8. Hey Girls , I recently started following you on Instagram but Jax has captured my heart , I needed to know more 😍😍 I’ve read your story from the beginning, you are amazing ladies and your boy is just awesome xx I’m from England and have my very own little hero Finn, who is 3 years old with Down Syndrome he lights up my world xx I wish you a very happy, healthy and fun filled future with Jax , I’ll keep watching xx


  9. Your YouTube channel showed up in my “suggested video” feed today. Well I couldn’t be happier!! I loved watching all your videos! My sons name is Jackson too (obviously spelled the other way 😜). He is a few days shy of 6 months old and he also has Down syndrome ☺️.

    Your family is lovely and I look forward to your future posts and videos!


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