Blogging By Candlelight

Hello there!! Remember me? Probably not!! Just taking a peek here and apparently my last post was 6 months ago…. Ummmmm holy hell has it been that long!?

Needless to say our life is crazy. Turtle Nest Co. has become WAY WAY WAY bigger than I had ever thought. It occupies ALL of my spare time. Alex has made some comments here and there, “wow it’s been a long time since you’ve blogged” or “don’t you think you should write a blog post”. This makes me want to backhand her, lol! But she’s right.

So tonight just as I finished tucking Jaxson in, a thunderstorm knocked the power out. So here I sit with candles flickering beside me, my sewing machine doesn’t turn on, and the house is completely silent. It’s time to write a blog post!!!

I honestly have NO clue where to begin. 6 months is a LONG time. You would not even believe the amount of stuff that our family has been through in 6 months.

Let’s start with Jaxson! Let’s see….. well, we celebrated his THIRD birthday! I find it crazy that we have a 3 year old!! Jax recently started pre-school and he is absolutely loving it. We have already seen a huge change in his development since starting and couldn’t be more thrilled. Can I be honest for a second? Dropping him off and coming home to a quiet house is PURE BLISS!! I have so much more time to sew, Alex has time to work on her schoolwork, and we even put those things aside and go for coffee dates once in a while. It is honestly AMAZING.

Jax is doing a lot of walking with his walker lately. He’s becoming more and more confident on his feet. He’s also signing up a storm (as per usual). He has over 100 signs now and is pairing up to 3 signs together to make short sentences. He is also super vocal now. He says ‘mom’ or ‘mama’ on a very regular basis now to get our attention. He is currently obsessed with Maui from the movie Moana and flexes his ‘Maui muscles’ ALL the time. He actually came up with it all on his own from watching the movie which is pretty amazing!!

Next week we are celebrating his third ‘Gotcha Day’. To me this day is even bigger than his birthday.

Now onto our family….

Well we’ve been through the ringer. For those of you who don’t know, we committed to adopting another child back in January. For many many reasons that adoption unfortunately fell through last month. We had to take a stand and put our little family of 3 first. I wish I could talk more openly about it, but out of respect for him, and his birth family I won’t.

Needless to say we have had a lot on our plate. We spent months and months preparing our hearts. And have spent a lot of money getting our house ready for another child (not that the money matters). We are hurt, a tad jaded, and more guarded. But we are firm believers that everything happens for a reason ❤

Alex has been working hard on her schooling and is SO close to completing her degree. Couldn’t be more proud of her! Then it’s on to her masters. She is also training hard as she is competing at the World Police Fire Games in Los Angeles this summer!! We are all very excited for this experience. Grandbaa is also coming down with us, which will be tons of fun.

As for myself. Well I sew….. I sew some more….. and then some more….. It seems like there is never enough time in the day. Always running from one appointment to the next. Jax is busier than ever, and I happily chauffeur him to all of his engagements. I plan to get back into yoga and doing something for myself.

Did I mention that Jaxson mean Sean and Elena from the show Born This Way!! That was a pretty cool experience. We attended our very first Canadian Down Syndrome conference where they were the keynote speakers. The conference was AMAZING and we learned so much!


Well the power just came back on, time to sew!!

lol. In all honesty I really plan to get back on to regular blog updates. It’s easy for life to get in the way and push it aside. But to have this modern time capsule for our family is priceless. I promise to keep in touch ❤


1 thought on “Blogging By Candlelight

  1. I’m a follower of your blog and Instagram ever since I heard you on CBC in Wpg when Jaxson was a wee baby, and have enjoyed watching him grow. I have learned a lot about DS and the community from your story, so thanks for that. You’ve taught me that “chromosome enhanced” is true! Keep up the great work and keep loving your beautiful lives!


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