World Down Syndrome Day 2015


BIG DAY FOLKS!! So big that I have nothing to say at the moment.

Earlier this week, by very odd chance or coincidence, I was asked to write an article for ABC news for WDSD2015. They wanted to hear a story about Ds adoption. So thats what I gave them!  here’s the link in case you haven’t already read it.

The response has already been very overwhelming and positive! Thank you everyone.

My brain is in a bit of an overload today, or maybe its the lack of sleep (Jax has not been sleeping well the last couple of weeks). I have a few good posts in mind that I really want to write about so stay tuned!

I hope all my friends are going BIG today, and celebrating their loved ones who have Ds.

Jax and Alex wearing blue and yellow for Ds. They celebrated by hitting the gym this morning!
My favourite family has lots of WDSD plans this weekend. Started off with an outing in the park ❤

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