That Tongue

Every single special needs parent is guilty of this. I am 100% sure of this, because I am guilty of the same offence.

We have quite a large following on our instagram account, and I try to post at least one picture a day to appease Jaxson’s followers. Ask Alex how crazy I am when taking a choosing a photo to post….. I literally take 10 photos in the matter of a few seconds, I then scroll through them and choose the best one (Obviously). I’m looking for a nice smile, or clarity of the photo, or for Jax to have a good expression, but I’m also choosing a picture that makes him look ‘good’.

But to be honest Jaxson quite often has his tongue out of his mouth. More so when he’s teething, and he ALWAYS does it when he’s deep in concentration. But it’s out some times and I never post those pictures because I just LOATH the stereotypes of people with Down syndrome.

So here they are. Photos of my perfect son with his cute little tongue making an appearance, because it happens and we shouldn’t be ashamed!



1 thought on “That Tongue

  1. Oh what a sweetie!! When I see his little tongue I say something like “What’s that little tongue doing out?”, he gives his sweet goofy smile and his tongue promptly disappears. Gotta love him!!! 😍


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