A Surreal Second Gotcha Day

Here we are in the place it all began 2 years ago. So surreal to be back here and celebrating your second ‘gotcha day’ Jaxson! You have no clue what you put your moms through 2 years ago, but we will never forget. 2 years later we are here reminiscing about your crazy adoption. The panic, fear and pretty much sheer terror we felt as we waited for our flight home to meet you. We were so incredibly shocked, and excited. We already loved you so fiercely and had no idea who you were.


It’s hard to believe that we have been a family for 2 years already. Sometimes it feels like it was only a couple months ago it all happened, but at the same time it feels like you have been our son forever and ever. We were all destined to be together!


Thank you for 2 years of being the perfect little guy for us. The love, light, joy and happiness you have brought into our lives is indescribable. Every single day with you is a blessing and we will never take a single minute for granted because we know how many stars had to align to bring us together!

Today we celebrate the happiest day of our lives, but we must remember you have another mother who is grieving for you. Never ever forget the selfless gift she gave you and us. While we gained a son 2 years ago today, she lost a little boy. I can’t imagine the pain and grief she felt as she walked away from the hospital after signing those papers. Let’s celebrate today but remember there is also great loss and sadness tied to this important day.


So here we are where it all began. Love that we can bring you here to celebrate this momentous day. Let’s go for a swim, go see the sharks at the reef, eat dinner out and see some giant fountains that dance to music! Let’s celebrate Vegas style!!

Happy gotcha day

Love you buddy ❤


2 thoughts on “A Surreal Second Gotcha Day

  1. ……and how lucky, fortunate, BLESSED(!!!!!!) Gampa and I are to have you in our lives!! Until you came and stole our hearts, we had no idea how much joy your beautiful smile would fill us to the brim…..and more. HAPPY GOTCHA’ DAY!!!!! 😘😍 (And thank you so much for inviting us to share it with you! 😜)


  2. Oh you guys … I’m a blubbering mess of tears … because I watched Jaxon’s story (through your video) of gotcha day, and found this blog and eventually became a friend to you guys … to watch this precious miracle grow has been amazing … the truth is I pull so much strength and hope from you both when I think about Andy and I’s future as parents … we are already praying for this child … in fact since I finally came home it seem like everyday it’s closer (we decided to wait at least 3 years before making the final decision so we know my heart and liver transplant and all other complications are doing good medically) … and I know just like you both celebrate this “gotcha day” you both also think about the biological mother which I think makes you two truly amazing parents! Your story is one for the stars and I’m so glad I have been able to watch it unfold!!!

    Happy GOTCHA DAY!!!!!


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