New Ventures

Since becoming a mostly full time stay at home mom I’ve been wanting to bring in a bit of money and have something else to do besides wipe snotty noses, change poopy diapers and be constantly pulling the toddler away from the toilet that he obsesses about putting things in. I consider myself to be crafty and enjoy making things. However I was having a really hard time coming up with something original and unique to make and sell. Then it just sort of fell in my lap….

As most of you know, and I have mentioned it on the the blog before, I made Jaxson a ‘sleep nest’ to help us transition him back to his crib.


Now before you go and sing my praises for how creative my brain is to come up with this idea on my own, start pumping the breaks. We knew Jaxson loved being surrounded by pillows and feeling super secure at night, so we stumbled on a company in the states that sells something similar. However it was for an outrageous price! There was no way we could sink $400 dollars into a product we would have no idea if it would work for us. So I made it myself!! This nest you see above is the very first nest made, it’s sketchy, and needs improvement. Despite the flaws, there was HUGE interest from other mommas wanting this for their toddlers. Thanks to Alex who pushed me to perfect the design and open up shop, we did it!


Turtle Nest Co. was born! Alex came up with the company name as well as solved a few major design flaws in the original nest. (If you were wondering about the name, ‘Turtle’ comes from Jaxson’s famous turtle face he has made since the day we got him. And sea turtles make nests on the beach to lay their eggs) Alex did good on this one!!

Here is what the redesigned finished product looks like!


From rough nights to easy transitions here are some of the benefits of our nests.

-Provides a soft, secure sleeping area for your little one
-The nest snuggles your littles so they can feel safe and secure
-Aids in the transition from co-sleeping to their own crib
-Aids in the transition from their crib to a big kid bed
-Perfect for travel and on the go sleeping
-The nest grows with your child allowing many years of use (open up the legs of the nest and your child can grow nice and tall but still feel secure in bed!)                                                     -The nest fits perfectly in your little ones crib

Jaxson’s nest has made a huge improvement with his comfort at night. A nice perk to having him sleep in his nest is that we aren’t getting kicked in the back, punched in the throat, and backhanded in the eye at 3 am.

You can visit our FB page HERE 

Or buy the nest from our Etsy shop HERE ***Prices are in Canadian Dollars, making it a steal of a deal for you lucky Americans!!*** (there is some confusion to the price. If you are on the Etsy page from the USA then it will come up with the price in USD. so to avoid any confusion the nests are $180CAN and with the current exchange rate around $139USD)




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