Bye Bye 2015

It’s that time of year again. Time to say goodbye to the year and jump into a new one. Time to reflect on the past and look to the future.

2015 has been a year of change for us. I hope we can say that about every year. Change is good, it’s scary but it’s good. This past year we made some major decisions and big life changes. From a giant downsize to career uncertainties. We celebrated a first birthday, a ‘first’ halloween and a second Christmas. We watched our son reach major milestones and struggle with others. We fought illness and enjoyed our health. From holidays to endless stretches of work. We lost a ton of sleep but don’t really mind.  IT WAS A GREAT YEAR!

All in all we really couldn’t have asked for a better year. The stress and the hardships were totally worth it for the fun and easy. Having things just fall into place after months and months of worrying just seems to be our thing. I think our new motto should be “it’ll all work out” after this last year (heck after the last few years!). I don’t know if there’s a horseshoe permanently lodged somewhere where we don’t see, but things just seem to always fall into place.

So as we say goodbye to 2015 we embark on a whole new year. A blank year with a clean slate. So much can happen, so many new adventures to take, so many new things to do and places to go. New memories to make and store away. New relationships to form and old relationships to tend to. SO EXCITING!

Our 2016 is starting off big. New Jobs (yes plural) for us both! Alex got her dream job as a full time firefighter at DND Suffield. She starts the first week of January and she is crazy excited! I will be working a few hours a week teaching a lab for the MHC Paramedic program! I am SO very excited about this new opportunity as I am very much done with working on car and the shiftwork, but I am not ready to throw in the towel completley. Teaching in this setting is new for me but I am very excited for this brand new opportunity.

Maybe we will even welcome a new family member in 2016! And no, it won’t be that big dog Alex has been incessantly harassing me about for the last 2 years (I promise that WILL come in time). No promises on that new family member, but in 2016 our doors will be open and we will be waiting ❤

We are ready for whatever 2016 will throw our way!

We wish you much peace, happiness, and health in the new year. From our family to yours ❤







2 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2015

  1. Happy new year!
    The picture is so cute! Congrats in the new jobs. Sounds the new year is going to be just as amazing for you as the last.


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