The Monster That Makes Us Slow Down

Last year when Jaxson was in the hospital with bronchiolitis I was sitting with him one afternoon, rocking with him while he slept. Some random nurse (I assume?) came into his room, stood there for a second then said “awwww….. look at him….. but you should really put him down. You’re creating a monster.” and walked out. HUH!? Seriously, it happened exactly like that.

Well over the year, somewhat out of greedily wanting baby snugs, and mostly out of pure necessity, we created a ‘monster’! Yes, our year and a half old ‘baby’ gets rocked to sleep and held for his naps.

This is now what Jaxson AKA Monster looks like on a daily basis 😛

Prior to his sleep apnea diagnosis the only way he would stay sleeping for his naps was if he was being held. Falling asleep on his own? Totally out of the question! He would never…. So a ‘monster’ was born and 90% of the time it’s amazing.

Mornings are my absolute favourite times with said monster. Our mornings are slow and easy. After we wake up, play, eat breakfast and play some more, Monster starts rubbing his eyes and ‘pancaking’ on the floor. I know it’s now time to nap poor, tired Monster. So I brew my coffee, warm a couple muffins up, make a bottle and rock that little tired Monster to sleep. As his breathing slows and deepens, as the suckie falls out of his mouth, I get to take my first sip of coffee for the day and just sit. I get to sit, relax, drink coffee, think, and just be. For exactly 40 minutes (because Monster has an impeccable internal clock!) every morning, I am tied down by a snuggly, warm, sleeping Monster  before our day actually begins. I have no choice but to soak in every single second of having nothing at all to do, and it is wonderful!

This is the “pancake”

This is why if you ever see us out of the house before 10:30 it’s a miracle! I schedule nothing prior to this time because mornings with Monster are the best.

Now that we have CPAP and Monster is fully transitioned to wearing it, he wears it for his afternoon nap (because morning naps are short and he’s almost phasing himself out of them). For the last month, 86.3% of the time Monster will actually be PUT DOWN (yes) for his afternoon nap. I must admit that it is nice to have the option to tidy the house, get started on dins, do a little baking etc while Monster is sleeping. But there are still plenty afternoons, even when Monster is put down, I’ll lay down beside him, hold his hand, and take a nap with Monster snoring beside me.

So while the house will still be messy, we will be eating a late dinner again, and those cookies are on hold for another day. I will once again be slowing down while I rock sleeping Monster and enjoy my coffee and getting lost in thought.  After all, it’s easy to cater to Monster because he’s the only one… so far 😉

Night Night Monster



2 thoughts on “The Monster That Makes Us Slow Down

  1. Once again your post made me tear up. It’s written in such a way that it oozes calm, peace, love. It also gives me opportunity to remember just such times when YOU were our little Monster! …….times long gone and not taken enough when the opportunity was there. But we again have opportunity with “our” new little Monster! 😍😍😍


  2. I saw the Welcome Home video you posted on YouTube and followed the link to your blog. I’m so happy your lil monster has two awesome moms, and I’d admire and respect you for being willing to adopt a child with special needs. God bless!


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