I am SO VERY excited to finally let you all in on the BIG project we have going on for Canadian Down Syndrome Awareness week!

This year we decided that we wanted to do something BIG for Down Syndrome Awareness Week. We also want to make a BIG difference in the Down syndrome community. Our major goal as a family is to bring awareness, understanding, acceptance and education about Down syndrome.

Alex and I have teamed up with Boylan Imaging and our friend Stephen Underhay who just so happens to be an amazing nature photographer to bring to you a very unique fundraising project.

Throughout the week of November 1-7 you will be able to purchase stunning prints of our breathtaking Canadian nature taken by Stephen! You will be able to choose from 5 very different but equally as beautiful photographs of our breathtaking nature that we have here in our country. Each photograph has strong elements of blue and yellow which is the Down syndrome colours. Each print is available in 3 sizes. Boylan Imaging here in Medicine Hat has VERY VERY generously helped with our project and printing of the photographs. It is my absolute pleasure to tell you that 100% OF PROCEEDS will be going directly to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society!


You will only be able to purchase your print for a very limited time! November 7 will be the last day of this fundraiser so head on over to Stephen Underhay Photography and grab your prints NOW!

A HUGE Thank you to Stephen and Boylan Imaging for seeing our vision and helping us reach our goals of bringing awareness and education about Down syndrome.

Boylan Logo for Cutting [Converted]



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