Another Tick In The “Pro” Column For Down Syndrome


A couple of weeks ago the 3 of us were chilling on the couch one afternoon. Jaxson was under the weather (and he still is, pretty sure he’s battling RSV yet again) so we were curled up to watch a Disney movie. Jaxson lost interest in the movie and had a sudden burst of energy. He started throwing himself onto Alex and giggling his sweet little face off. Wrestling is probably his favourite activity at the moment, and he could spend an entire hour on the bed throwing himself at you without losing any interest.

Then he saw me beside alex and it was on. He was going to figure out a way to come and wrestle me….. Alex was roadblocking him from crawling over her lap, so he had to figure out a different way. He started pushing alex forward quite forcefully. She would help him out a bit and lean forward. He saw a new route! within seconds he was diving behind her back, making more room, giggling and panting like a little puppy dog. He was working so hard, pulling and kicking his legs. It took him a little bit, but he got through! He never gave up and he never slowed down. The look of pure satisfaction on his face when he made it close enough to “get me”. Priceless.

Alex then said something very interesting. She said “You know what the best thing about Jaxson having Down syndrome is? It’s the fact that he’s SO smart, cognitively I don’t think theres much of a delay if any. But his body is so behind”. She saw the confusion in my face, why is that a good thing? So she kept on. “It’s so cool because it’s like we are watching a super smart 7 month old baby. When typical babies start crawling they kind of just do whatever with little thought. They go, but there’s little purpose, they just do it. Not Jaxson, he thinks, he plans, he plots, he heavily interacts. Then he carries out his plan. It’s so cool to watch!”

Alex is SO right! It’s pretty awesome to watch Jaxson problem solve, and formulate a plan to carry out. I’m serious when I say you can literally watch him plan and think. If there were legitimate gears you would see them spinning at full tilt. Jaxson also just doesn’t just ‘go’ for no reason. Thats the lazy baby in him! Because every movement is extra hard for babies with low muscle tone, it takes much more energy to do things. Which means there is still lot’s of cuddle time for mums ❤

That being said he has become super quick, and turning your eye from him means he will crawl across the living room and kitchen to dump the dogs water dish in 5 second flat! Life is more hectic, crazy and fun with a crawling baby. We couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments and hard work!!




2 thoughts on “Another Tick In The “Pro” Column For Down Syndrome

  1. Hi Jaxson’s Mums!!!

    WOW … okay I truly believe in fate and it’s amazing how I came across your blog! My name is Erin and I’m a 33 year old with a heart defect, and now I’m awaiting a heart and liver transplant (I was actually listed this Wednesday)!!!

    Well, because of CHD I can’t have children, so I kinda got excited tonight when my husband brought up adoption since it’s been put on hold for us since we learned 2 years ago I would need a double organ transplant! I tend to watch YouTube videos of people adopting children to remind myself that this can and will all work out for us! I had no idea your son has CHD when I saw your video, I honestly was coming to his blog to see how you are all doing and was so happy to see it updated and see him being so strong and wrestling with you! I bet that is exciting. Then I saw the heart surgery anniversary post, and felt I had to comment!

    I will keep praying for your beautiful son, what a cutie pie!!!! He really touched my heart in the video, and the love you both share for each other and him, is just breath taking and has given me a bit of hope in this world of uncertainty!

    I am sure you have a FB, but I can’t find it … so if you’d like feel free to find me under the email I have left, or just search for “Erin’s Transplant Journey” because I do have a page and please shoot me a message if you’d like! I thank you for sharing a very personal story with the world, and with others who will go through the adoption process and who have children with CHD and/or Down Syndrome! You are both amazing, and I’m so glad to have found your story and be able to keep up with Jaxson and see him grow 😀

    I put my personal blog on here, cause I’m working on documenting my journey to transplant but it’s pretty empty right now 😉


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