Changing Seasons

Kids are back to school, the weather is cooling off, leaves are starting to change, and I drank my first pumpkin spiced latte of the year. this can only mean one thing…. The seasons are about to change, and fall is in the air.

So as everyone is pulling out their heavy sweaters and warm blankets, our little family is gearing up for our own big season of change! My job is very quickly coming to an end and Alex is diving head first back into the work force. We always knew this day was coming, but it seemed to seek up on us so quickly!


Its no secret that I have been desperately wanting a career change for about 3 years now. Leaving the only job I’ve know since I was 18 is scary, but necessary for my sanity and for my family. With no idea what my ‘out’ was going to be I was feeling very stuck and very much trapped. As we were planning on kids it made sense that I would be the one to stay home with them, buying time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. However it did not happen like this. Plans get thrown out the window when you become parents to the cutest baby in the entire world literally overnight…. Logistically it only made sense for Alex to stay home and for me to start my ‘retirement’ job as an industrial Paramedic (the one thing I swore I would never do!).

Even though this past year was the opposite of everything that we had planned on, it worked quite well. Much to mine and Alex’s surprise she quite enjoyed staying home with Jax. They have their own little routine when I’m working, and I am very much jealous of that! Jealousy aside I am very happy that Alex got this experience and time to bond with Jax in their own special way. Chances are this is the only ‘stay at home’ experience she will get with our children and it was something very necessary and special that she got to have.

While she has loved being a stay at home momma for a year and a bit (and she has been an AMAZING one at that) she is very ready to get back to work. I never in a trillion years dreamed that I would be so freaking excited to start my new career as a stay at home mommy. It’s been a very hard year working and missing out on Jaxson’s day to day life. I cannot wait for my paycheques to be in the forms of smiles, dirty diapers, sticky hands, a dirty face, and lots of giggles!


The transition for Jaxson will be pretty seamless. He will have to trade his time hanging out at the gym with momma for craft time with mommy, and thats about the only major change that he will endure. We will learn a new routine and a new normal together. Keeping his schedule straight (different therapies, doctors, play dates etc) will be interesting, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out!

This season change for our family will be very interesting. I can’t wait to see how Alex handles work vs staying home. It’ll be interesting to see if she has the same feelings as I have had over this past year. Stay tuned for the updates on this one!!!


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