Dear Jaxson,

Wow, can you believe today we are celebrating your very first Gotcha Day!? Today is a BIG day buddy. Today is a bigger day than all the holidays combined. Today is even bigger than your birthday! Today is the day that you became our son, and we all became a family.

One year ago today your Mommy and Momma were nervous wrecks. We were coming to meet you for the first time ever and we had no idea what to expect. Heck, we didn’t even have anything for a baby! Moms had to go shopping and buy you lots and lots of things before we met you. We thought you needed lots and lots of stuff, but in all actuality all you needed was lots and lots of love (and a carseat, they don’t let babies leave without a carseat). I remember being so worried that what if it didn’t feel right, what it we didn’t bond, what if we weren’t ready for you, what if this was wrong. Every single fear melted away the second we held you. Our bond to you was instant and effortless. You were meant for us, and us for you.

You came into our lives so quickly, but it felt like you have always been there. We plunged feet first into parenting and you made it so easy on us. You have been the best baby ever! I know we don’t have any other baby to compare you to, but I know you have been so amazing to us! From day 1 you slept through the night and never fussed. You are easy going, laid back, and very content. We often joke that you have ruined it for your siblings because we know babies shouldn’t be this easy!  It has been an absolute honour watching you grow this past year. And grow you did! No one believes us when we tell them you were once in heart failure and had failure to thrive because you are now a big, happy, healthy, chubby boy!

I guess it wouldn’t be fair to say our first year was all smooth sailing. You don’t remember it but your moms will always remember when you had open heart surgery. We sat for endless hours beside your bed in the PCICU as you were intubated with tubes coming out of your chest. Although it was hard to see you so helpless and hurt, we were happy to have the surgery behind us. You spent quite a few weeks in the hospital your first year, and you gave us a couple of scares. We had long nights of debating on whether or not you were breathing too fast, or obsessively taking your oxygen sats and listening to your chest when you had a cold. Despite spending quite a few weeks in the hospital this year, you always recovered and bounced back stronger than ever before.

It has been really amazing to watch you grow and learn. It seems like everyday you make a new face, learn a new skill or find a new way to make us laugh. We often call you a turd because you have come to be a mischievous little boy. Your moms are in for it when you start to crawl because you are going to be getting yourself into all sorts of trouble! The best part of being your moms is watching you learn. You are extremely observant, and you seem to pick up on the smallest things. I know you work really hard figure things out, but you always do it in the end. You are a very very smart boy Jaxson, and don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Not a day has gone by where we don’t look at you in awe and think of how lucky we are to be your moms. Often we stand over your crib in the dark, watching your chest rise and fall slowly, and say to each other “can you believe he’s ours, he is so perfect”.

Today is the happiest day ever for our family, but don’t forget that it was the saddest day for someone else. One year ago today your Tummy Mommy made an extremely, excruciating decision to place you for adoption. She knew that she was not capable of raising you and giving you the things you need. You must always remember that you grew in your Tummy Mommy’s belly, she gave you life. Never forget that. We will always be your moms, but Tummy Mommy should hold a special place in your heart. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t think of you, long for you, and cry for you. She will always miss you and always love you. We are forever thankful that she chose us to be your parents.

Today we have so much to celebrate! So here’s to love at first sight, destiny and family.

You are smart and handsome,                                             You are strong and brave,                                                     You are kind and special,                                                   You are loved Jaxson James

Love You Forever And Always

Mommy and Momma


2 thoughts on “GOTCHA!

  1. What an all together amazing family, not only are the both of you blessed to have him but he is blessed to have the both of you! Your blog inspires me, I have a two month old girl that has Downs and she is having heart surgery between 4-6 months for her vsd. Reading your posts calms me about it…thank you!


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