Mothers Day, A Day Late – Cause I’m A Mom

Yesterday we ‘celebrated’ our very first Mothers Day. I say this because our entire last week including yesterday has quite possibly been the busiest, most hectic, stressful, insane week we have EVER had! Needles to say that our first Mothers Day pretty much just passed us by without any celebrations, pictures, heartfelt Facebook statuses, bouquets of flowers, or cards. Before we had time to digest that it was in fact Mothers Day, it was over.

We spent a good part of the day yesterday travelling in the car, dreading what this week may throw at us. After the second stop to change the most foul, explosive, disgusting diaper one has ever seen, delaying our journey home by a good half an hour I got to thinking what being a mom really is. Here is what I have learned over this last year…


  • Not remembering the last item of clothing you have bought for yourself. It was definitely pre-baby!
  • Going starved with a heaping plate of untouched, cooling food right in front of you as you shovel food into that tiny waiting mouth.
  • Having most conversations between you an your spouse include some form of ‘poop talk’. It’s crazy how much we talk about Jaxson’s bathroom habits!!!
  • Looking at your watch at 7pm and getting excited about putting the baby to bed because that means you get to go to bed too!!
  • Cringing at the thought of getting drunk. 7am comes way too early and babies don’t get that mommy is hungover. nope, NO THANK YOU!
  • Getting excited about playdates. A chance to catch up with the friends you have managed to stay in touch with!
  • Losing touch with so many people. It sucks, but it’s a fact.
  • Having changed a diaper in the most absurd places. I’ve actually had to stop and ask myself (or Alex) ‘would it be highly inappropriate to change his diaper here?’. Most of the time the answer is yes, and then the hunt is on to find a bathroom with a change table. Don’t even get me started on places without change tables!!!!
  • Having to think about a tiny human when making the smallest decisions. It’s weird to be responsible for a little person!
  • Judging others parenting choices. Horrible right? You all do it, admit it! Seeing a baby in a ‘crotch dangler’ carrier, or a baby/small child in a front facing car seat is enough to put me through the roof! Remember how Homer would choke-shake Bart? Yup, I wanna do that to other parents at times….. (hi, my name is Holly and I’m a judger)
  • Rocking a sick baby all night long because they won’t sleep any other way. Despite thinking that you will surly die the following day you manage to pull through, get the house cleaned, care for the baby, run errands, and cook 3 meals and do it all over again the following night. How do we do it!?
  • Making sacrifices. Constant sacrifices!
  • Finding joy in the smallest things. Seeing Jaxson learn something new is seriously the most amazing thing to witness.
  • Putting your phone down to enjoy your family. It goes by way too fast!
  • Scary. There’s no other word for it. My hypochondriacism (yup, I just made that word) has increased ten fold and projected onto Jaxson. I have seen too many horrible, messed up things in my life to think that everything will always be fine.
  • Reevaluating everything you once thought about parenthood pre-kids.
  • Winging it ALL THE TIME! We really don’t have any idea what we’re doing but we make it work and always figure it out eventually.
  • Loving on that tiny human so hard that it hurts.
  • The most amazing, rewarding, exhausting job in the entire world and I would’t trade it for a thing!

Our first Mothers Day passed us by, but thats ok. We don’t need a specific day of the year to pay tribute to our own amazing mothers for everything they have done and continue to do for us every single day. And we most definitely don’t need a specific day of the year to be grateful for our child and to be ‘honoured’ by our spouse because our child is too young to do it himself.

To us, every day is Mothers Day ❤

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2 thoughts on “Mothers Day, A Day Late – Cause I’m A Mom

  1. Holly…….such an insightful and truthful blog! Funny…..but not really…..because the truth often isn’t so funny.

    I’m amazed at your insightfulness so early on in this “children” journey. You’re an awesome mom (and Alex is too) but I’m most amazed with YOU because growing up you were never ever the caring, motherly type! 😜 And whenever I spoke to you about the challenges of parenting you more or less poo-pooed me (pun intended).

    Not only is this journey rewarding to you, but to me as well. Thank you for not only giving me the opportunity of grandparenting, but also giving me the beauty of seeing my daughter as an awesome mother!! THAT is a wondrously priceless Mother’s Day gift!


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