4 thoughts on “Jaxson’s Heart Surgery

  1. holly – thanks so much for the video 🙂 my little guy is 3 weeks and as AVSD (complete and balanced) – just wondering what targets they used to decide for surgery at 11 weeks in his case. Weight? Feeding etc. feel free to email f that’s easier 🙂

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    1. Despite having this blog I am ‘computer challenged’ lol. I am replying with my FB account so you can find me on there if you wanna chat 🙂 The surgical team classified his AVSD as a ‘priority 2’ which meant his repair wasn’t ASAP but had to be done sooner rather than later. The goal was for him to reach 5kg for surgery but if he went into more serious heart failure before he reached his goal weight then they would do it sooner. He was on home O2 prior to surgery to help his heart out but he was very stable and never went into a severe decline like we were told he would. Surgery day his weight was 5.01kg! Does your little on also have Ds?


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