The Piggybank

We received SO many awesome gifts when we brought Jaxson home. Our families and friends were so very generous and giving, and truthfully it was overwhelming how many people helped us out.

There is one gift in particular that Jaxson received that holds so much meaning and significance to us. Maybe it’s not so much in the gift itself, but the words behind the gift……


It’s a piggy bank. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about a piggy bank. It’s something that you put money in as a small savings for your kid. Or teaches your kid about saving money. Or maybe just a nice decorative touch to their room. Yup, those are all very good reason’s to have one of these…..

As I was digging this piggy bank out of the gift bag I noticed a $20 half way in the money slot, and my aunt said,

“It’s for his college fund”

My first thought was “wow thats a really nice gift”, and didn’t give a second thought to it. It wasn’t till we were home later that night, and I was sitting in his nursery rocking Jaxson to sleep, staring at this piggy bank that it hit me…. so many other words could have been said with this gift

“It’s for his savings”

“It’s for him when he’s older”

“It’s to help teach him about saving money”

“It’s a little something that can help him save his money up to buy something special”

“It matches his room”

“We thought it was cute”

Or nothing could have been said at all. Instead the word “college” was used…… Someone else thinks he will go to college. Of course I know our children are going to go to college or at least some sort of post secondary education program, regardless of their abilities. BUT I’m pretty sure the rest of the world doesn’t think that Jaxson, or others like him will even graduate high school, let alone go to college!!

Everyone loves Jaxson for who he is. He’s an insanely cute, funny, mischievous, smart, and silly baby. Our friends and families will always love him regardless of his abilities. I just hope they also see how much potential he has, and that we should never limit our expectations of him. Jaxson will be able to achieve more than we ever thought possible and he will need us to believe, encourage, support and guide him throughout his life.

Although Jaxson was just a tiny little human a the time who only opened his eyes for a few short hours a day, he had someone (other than his moms of course) KNOW that he will grow up to do great things.

When his adoption is finalized we will be able to set up accounts for him and establish a more “official” means of savings, but we will ALWAYS have this piggy bank kicking around the house to supplement his college fund. So if ever you’re over for a visit and want to drop a loonie or a toonie in his bank to symbolize your belief in Jaxson you are more than welcome to!

“Thanks for believing in me!!”

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