Jaxson’s 1st Christmas And A Trip To The North Pole (or close enough!)

Time to take a breath!!! Not a day went by over the holidays where I didn’t say to Alex  “remind me, I need to blog today”. Clearly it never happened!! So here’s our post Christmas update with the last few weeks all smashed into one jumbled post of words and of course insanely cute pictures!

Our Christmas was spent at ‘home’, and by that I mean driving from one family members house to another to eat copious amounts of food and socialize. It was fun, but we both agreed that next year we are taking Christmas day all to ourselves to stay at home and enjoy our little family.

We had a lot of fun celebrating Jaxson’s first Christmas with him. Unfortunately Jaxson ended up teething over the ‘important’ days, which meant our happy go lucky baby was not so happy and not so rested, and neither were his moms. In the end the 3 of us rallied to make the best of it, and of course after 3 solid days of pain, not one single tooth made an appearance 😦

IMG_3327 IMG_3339 IMG_3352

Since I had over 3 weeks off, we decided to take a trip back to the town of High Level where we lived for almost 3 years. Now you may be wondering why we would make the 14 hour drive in the dead of winter to a VERY VERY cold northern Alberta town with an 8 month old baby. I left High Level at the end of May, had my bags packed for a week in Vegas and fully expecting to be back to work in 2 weeks as per usual. Well we got Jaxson with 48 hours notice, Alex ended up going back up to High Level with her dad, they packed, moved and sold our house. I haven’t been back since. I’ve had no closure to our High Level stint. Never got to say good bye to friends, co-workers, our house, or the town.

It was SO strange to be back in that small town! It really felt like we never left, nothing has changed. It was sad to be back an not go to our ‘home’, it was also weird having a baby there. Our days were jammed pack with visiting and showing our perfect little Jaxson off!

Our short visit made me really miss living in a small town. Knowing everyone when you go out. Eating at the same old place with horrendous service just because there’s no other options. Sitting at the small coffee place chatting for endless hours until closing time because there’s nothing else to do when it’s -35 out. Forgetting to pay your bill at said coffee place and no one cares because they know you will be back tomorrow to settle the tab. Calling to order THE BEST chinese food (seriously) ever, and the sweet lady knowing exactly who you are by the order, then going to pick up the food and she freaks out to see us because she heard we moved. Then I quickly remembered how insanely far we were from legit civilization and I am thankful to be living back south. Not to mention, we definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable living SO far north with Jaxson and his medical and other special needs.

One of the cool things about our visit to HL, is we got to spend a bunch of time will little miss Bekah and her family. Little Bekah is 6 months older than Jax and she was born with DS. It may sound weird, but when I heard Bekah was diagnosed with DS I was so excited (and jealous) that her parents got to experience how awesome having a kiddo with DS will be. Never in a million years did I think 7 months later we would be experiencing the same joy! Bekah is now a busy little crawling machine, and we had so much fun having these two together…..

She is so stinkin’ cute!!!!

IMG_3367 IMG_3395 IMG_3403 IMG_3409

It’s probably a good thing Jaxson isn’t mobile yet, because he would seriously crush her 😛

Of course we spent a bit of time at our old workplaces. I took some pics of Jaxson in the ambulance since I have a feeling his mommy won’t be working out of these when he’s old enough to remember. Unfortunately every time we visited the fire hall he was fast asleep and we never got a chance to take any fire truck pictures with him….

IMG_3444 IMG_3441 IMG_3430 IMG_3418

Although we had 2 VERY long travel days our trip to HL was good for the soul and totally worth it! I’m glad we were able to make it back while Jax is still ‘little’.

Our 3 weeks of family time flew by so quickly, and now it’s back to work and back to normalcy. Jaxson is doing great, and it seems like he is learning new things by the hour!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I will leave you with this video, your welcome….

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