Lifelong Friendships and Vacation

It’s a rare thing in life to have people cross your path that you INSTANTLY connect with. When this happens you must hold these people close! Back in May, I was on Instagram searching DS hashtags. By chance I stumbled across this beautiful family…

—– Brit ——— Keiana —– Angela —

I was so excited to find a gay couple raising a daughter with DS. Keep in mind this is before Jaxson came into our life. I instantly contacted Brit and we soon realized we had SO much in common. It didn’t take long for all 4 of us to connect and instantly form a relationship. Ange and Brit played a big role in our adoption journey and it was so nice to have them along for this crazy ride!

We knew that once Jaxson was over his health concerns we wanted to take him to Ontario to visit Alex’s extended family. Well it just so happens that Ange and Brit reside pretty close to where we wanted to go. Naturally our trip included a visit to them!

The thought of meeting people ‘off the internet’ seems like an odd thing to me. I feel like there is some sort of preconceived expectation that makes the whole initial meet awkward and weird. The strange thing is I didn’t feel weird about meeting this family at all! (thats a whole lot of strange and weird going on there!) Alex and I were both so excited to hang out with these guys for a couple days.

After much anticipation we finally arrived in Kingston. INSTANTLY we fell in love with these guys! We learned we have WAY WAY WAY more in common then what we thought. I’m pretty sure they are a spitting image of us, how cool is that!

The neatest thing to see was how Keiana interacted with Jaxson. She’s a baby lover and soon became a little mommy to him. She was always concerned about how he was feeling, and she picked up on ever tiny emotion he showed. She waned to help with every single task that involved Jax, and don’t even think about taking him out of her sight! Kiki would literally hang out of her stroller to make sure Jaxson was following very close behind in his stroller. 10250157_10152712028159655_2352367781398857185_n   I fell in love with this smart, beautiful, and funny little girl. She honestly has the most amazing little soul, and I have never experienced so much depth in a child. I am excited to watch these 2 grow up together and see the kind of bond they form as they get older. photo 1-5   It feels like we have known this family forever and it blows my mind to think our journey together is so new. Already counting down the days till their Alberta visit in the summer! I am so very thankful that we are able to add them to our very small group of friends that we call our family ❤ 10609562_10154572648905198_7717568872137423538_n The rest of our Ontario trip was SUPER busy and fun. I had never spent any length of time in Ontario before, and since we had a rental we wanted to get around and see as much as we could. So our trip was filled with family, driving, and site seeing……

photo 2-5
Meeting Tara and Pip from Happy Soul Project  (
photo 1-6
Family pic on Lake Ontario
photo 2-6
Hanging with momma on Lake Huron
photo 5-2
Funny faces on the subway
photo 3-3
Jax LOVED the Ripley’s Aquarium (and so did we!!)
photo 3-4
Top of the CN Tower. One of those touristy things you have to do but probably will never do again….
photo 4-3
Our feet over the glass floor of the CN Tower
photo 4-2
Niagara Falls
Hanging with Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave at NF

What a great vacation we had and I’m sad it’s over. We always vacation out of Canada but I think in the future we will make more of an effort to explore our own country as it is so amazing, beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Lifelong Friendships and Vacation

  1. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I’m hooked. We’re a gay couple that has a 3yr old and a 3 month old with DS. Like you, I’ve spent countless hours searching blogs, posts, websites, groups, etc…looking and learning everything I possibly can about DS. We were lucky enough to find out when we were early on in the pregnancy so we had some time to prepare (whatever that means!) for our little angel. As I read your posts, I can’t help to think the same way you did about Kiki and her moms. You guys sound sooo much like us. Besides having similar professions and sense of humor, we were also always on the go, having a blast together looking for our next adventure. We decided it was time to share everything we had with some kiddos. Now, here we are…1 miscarrage later, a goofball 3yr old, a perfect 3 month old that happens to have DS and not much has changed. The girls have already been to Hawaii, Zion National Park, Vegas and camping numerous times all in 3 months! I use the phrase “it is what it is” a lot more often (along with some others that I probably shouldn’t admit to) but all in all, we’re learning and taking in everything in one day at a time.

    Thanks for the blogs, keep em coming. It’s so awesome to know there is a very similar family just like ours out there. Ok, I’m gonna be the “creepy” emailer right now, but if you guys are ever in the Los Angeles (long beach) area, get in touch with us. We’d love to meet you 3 and introduce you to our kiddos. I know you have your arranged marriage in mind for your handsome guy, but if he’s into younger women, we have a pretty cute 3 month old..just saying. 🙂


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