Road Trips, Radio Interviews and Arranged Marriages

We FINALLY have some exciting things to report! I promise you all this post will be full of adorable Jaxson pictures!!! We have had quite and exciting week in this household and I’m happy to finally have a spare minute to sit down and share it with you guys


On Monday we took a little road trip to Calgary for a couple of appointments for Jaxson. Also, this little bugger is quickly growing out of his 3 month clothes, and we realized that all we have for him in the next size is sleepers! Well that just doesn’t fly with this stylin’ baby, so off to the outlets to find him some sweet threads! While we were in YYC we had the opportunity to go to the CBC radio studio and give and interview for CBC Radio Manitoba about our adoption. It was a VERY cool experience we just couldn’t pass up!

photo 2-2

photo 1

Yes, that is indeed snow you see in the picture! Welcome to Alberta weather. The roads were pretty crappy on the way home but we did make it safe and sound! 

Yesterday Alex put the crib together and we are getting close to having the nursery complete!

photo 3-3

I’m still not ready to have him sleep in his own room, but I am kinda starting to warm up to the idea…

Finally the coolest part of our week… Today we had a VERY special visitor come over….


Meet baby Kendall! Kendall is a month and a half older then Jaxson, and was also born with Down Syndrome. How AWESOME it is to have another DS family with a child the same age as Jaxson right around the corner! We are so happy to have found Kendall and her parents 🙂 There is no doubt in my mind that these 2 will play a very important role in each others lives as they grow up. Did someone say ‘arranged marriage’? hahaha


We had a great afternoon spending time with this little sweetheart and getting to know her momma! Already looking forward to our next play date.


As far as Jaxson goes, he is happy and healthy! He has been doing awesome with the bottle, and has become quite the pig. Seems like everyday we are increasing his food volume. Needless to say he is growing like a little weed. It saddens me that he isn’t so small, but it is SO cool to see him get older and watch the things he is learning. He giggled for the first time last week! 


Well I’m sure I’ve missed some things but all in all that has been our week. It’s been a very cold, rainy week and doesn’t look like it will be warming up until the weekend. We are going to take the rest of the week easy, and try to stay warm. Maybe we will even unpack some of those moving boxes (yeah right!)


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