We have had a CRAZY last couple of days! so here I am, sitting down on a sunday night with Jaxson cozied up in the wrap to write my update.

Thursday morning we had our follow-up x-ray and Dr appointment to make sure the fluid was not building up in his chest. Jaxson’s Dr was very impressed with his physical presentation and the x-ray was pretty good. There was a little bit of fluid in his chest, but not enough to be concerned about. We got the green light to GO HOME!!!

This was all said and done by late morning, which we were’t expecting the appointment to go that fast (seeing as nothing in healthcare goes fast). I still had my flights home booked for later that day, but we decided to cut our losses on the flight and drive home.

It sure is nice to be home! Hard to believe we have been gone for 3 weeks! Our awesome neighbours took care of the house for us, and Jaxson’s ‘gamma and gampa’ dogsat his furry brother and sister.

We arrived to a crap ton of mail, and of course bills. However there were some very awesome packages waiting for us. Tara, from Happy Soul Project sent an amazing quilt, along with a whole bunch of other goodies for Jaxson!




Thank you SO much! How nice it is to come home to packages that I didn’t buy 😛 (I may have a wee bit of an online shopping problem)

The other package that we had waiting for us is going to be a part of my next post, so stay tuned for that.



I am back to work this week, and Alex has a busy week with the little man. Tuesday Jaxson will once again get put in the ‘baby smasher’ for another x-ray. Then on wednesday he has a follow-up with our paediatrician. I would think that if this x-ray is clear then we can safely assume that the drainage is stopped and we can quit with those barbaric x-rays. Fingers crossed!!



The following week we head up to Calgary for an appointment with the cardiologist.


I think that is all to report about our little pickle. Our house is a total disaster zone! The last couple days have been filled with cleaning, organizing, and getting back into routine. No matter how hectic it has been, it is sure good to be home!


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!




aaaaaand he’s had enough of the camera. Good night al!!

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