Day 12: Bets On

No discharge today 😦 a tad disappointed, but our day passes have now been extended from 4 hours to however long we want. Sucks having to come back here to sleep though. A couple days ago we got moved to a shared room, thank goodness the baby beside us has a VERY quiet cry! However the beeping from their monitor and food pump is driving us UP THE WALL!!!!



Today we escaped the hospital and heading out to the South Common outlets to wonder around. It was a beautiful day out and we were happy to be outside! Then we headed back to the Ronald McDonald House to relax before we came back to the hospital for his 2000 Hrs feeding. While we were at RMH we received an awesome surprise!! A friend from High Level hired one of her friends in Edmonton to bring over a little care package for us, which included beer may I add!! Doesn’t get any better then that! It’s amazing how people have gone out of their way for us, makes going through all of this that much easier. So thank you so much Krystal, that meant the world to us!

Jaxson has been in great spirits today and has been awake for 80% of the day! He has been all smiles again, and just very content. Hopefully he passes out hard tonight 😛

IMG_2246Over the last 24 hours the production of Chyle has increased, which is SO frustrating!! Apparently this is ‘normal’ to have good days and bad days. All part of the healing process I guess. So we have decided to make a game out of it and take bets from all the nurses!! We encourage anyone who wants to participate in the betting to go ahead and place your bet in a comment. The winner gets nothing but satisfaction, which was what Alex got this morning when our awesome nurse Susanne burst in at 7 am to tell Alex she won. A little knowledge goes a long way in betting so here are the total outputs from the last couple of days: 44 mL, 36 mL, 26 mL, 19 mL, 21 mL, and yesterday was 29 mL. Total output thus far today is 11 mL (at 1300 hrs).

Besides betting on Chyle output there is not much else going on. It is just a waiting game now. Hopefully the hospital’s need for beds gets us discharged to Ronald McDonald House in the next few days. Tonight we plan on putting pickle pants down early and watching some tv together. We also have some more delicious pie from Adele to finish.




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