Day 10 & 11: 4 Hours of Sanity

Yesterday turned out to be quite a busy day, and we were totally exhausted by the time it was over. Honestly nothing TOO big has happened over the last couple of days. However Jaxson did crush another goal yesterday. Let’s see if you can figure it out from this….

photo 1


WE ARE OXYGEN FREE!!!!! YIPPEE!!! Jaxson did AMAZING over the night with no de-sats. Doctors are comfortable with no more oxygen!!

Another great thing happened yesterday is that we got day passes!! So we have escaped the hospital a couple of times. It has been lovely to be out and about with him again.



Yesterday we went to the Ronald McDonald House (where we are ‘staying’) for a couple of hours. We also went out for dinner with Uncle Dustin!!!



Today we took a trip to West Edmonton Mall…



Unfortunately his JP drain is still draining too much Chyle, which means we are still stuck at the hospital until that silly thing can come out. However we got great news today that we will probably discharged to the Ronald McDonald House tomorrow. Where we will have to stay and then just come back to the hospital for daily assessments. They said normally they only do this with older kids, and the babies have to stay in the hospital the entire time. But since we have demonstrated that we are more than competent in his care they are making an exception đŸ™‚

photo 2-2


Jaxson has also continued to refuse his bottle, which means he has taken a liking to the soother he never had any interest in prior. It’s good he will keep up his ‘sucking’ skills and this will also help strengthen his mouth muscles.




Well thats about all for today. Our amazing friend Adele just brought over a delicious looking pie and we are about to become gluttonous pigs and devour it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and fingers crossed for our jail break tomorrow!



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