Day 7: Boredom

Today has been a pretty low key day. Alex stayed at the hospital last night, and I crashed at the Ronald McDonald house. When I got to the hospital this morning Jaxson was missing all of his pacemaker wires!! The surgeon came in first thing this morning and was very happy with how Jax was doing, and decided that he will no longer need the pacemaker wires in.


So we got rid of one more thing, but sadly we also gained an attachment. Jaxson is having one hell of a time getting proper amount of disgusting formula down. Bottle feedings over the last few days have come with a lot of gagging and lost interest after about 50mL. So today this little pickle got his NG tube back. We are actually happy about this, as this will make life a little easier for Jaxson. We will continue to bottle feed and whatever he is unable to choke down we will put in the NG tube.


(He doesn’t seem to mind)

The biggest feat of today is having Jaxson’s level of care downgraded. Which means WE GET TO LEAVE HIS ROOM WITH HIM!!! SO nice to be able to stroll around the hospital together. And now mommas won’t feel guilty about leaving him behind to take little breaks. For his first outing we took him to the Healing Garden in the hospital. What a beautiful place!! We will be going there on a regular basis.



It will be nice to add some more ‘normalcy’ to our hospital routine 🙂 We have also been turning his oxygen off periodically and he is tolerating it well! We will ditch these tanks before we leave!


Well I think this is all there is to report today. Sorry about the boring post, but we like boring around here 🙂 also just wanted to add that today Jaxson is 12 weeks old!!


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