Day 4: #Hashtag

Alright, here we are day 4. A tad late but we were too busy getting Jaxson snuggles today πŸ™‚



Today was a good day. Jaxson was awake a lot, and for the most part he was content and happy. We have a minor set back in his recovery, Jaxson developed a chylothorax. You can google it for more info but I will give a quick explanation of what that is. These little guys are so small that when they have chest surgery it is basically impossible for the surgeons to see where their lymphatic ducts are, and on occasion they will get nicked, and the chyle (fluid the ducts transport) will end up draining into the chest cavity. So since Jaxson still has the 1 chest tube in, it will continue to drain this fluid out. He has been put on a special diet for the next little bit in hopes of easing the strain on the lymphatic system and the body will just repair itself. There are other options if that doesn’t work but hopefully we won’t even have to go there.



Jaxson was also lucky and had a whole bunch of attachments removed! Today we got rid of his arterial line, foley catheter, and rectal temp prob, woo hoo!!! Makes it SO much easier to get momma snuggles!!




Today Jaxson got the green light to be transferred to the floor… Yay, we get to break out of the uncomfortable cardiac PICU and get into that comfortable room with a bed for mommas! Although we have absolutely LOVED the care he has been receiving in the PICU! I have ALWAYS admired the nurses and RT’s on the NICU and PICU transport teams, they are such a smart group of people. Now I can say the same for the staff in the PICU after experiencing it first hand. We have felt so comfortable leaving Jaxson every night, because we know he is in great hands. Just want to add that the doctors have also been amazing, and we have felt total confidence in them.

For the last 3 days we have had the same nurse and it has been so much fun getting to know her. Definitely makes the days fly by when your hanging out with someone as cool as you πŸ˜› #Alysia #isthatyourname? #fitfamily #cleaneating #paleobaby #fitintobridesmaidsdress #marryyourpreceptor #crossingtheline #weareallhealthcareprofessionals #greatnurse #comevisitupstairs (We have had too much fun)



So now we are back at the hotel, sipping some beer (yes, we need to unwind too!!) and hunkered down for a good nights sleep. Hopefully a bed opens up for us on the floor tomorrow and we can set up camp.

I think that is all for today. So here are some more obscenly adorable pictures of our little guy and we shall chat tomorrow….





4 thoughts on “Day 4: #Hashtag

  1. He looks great!!! Looks like all three of you enjoy those snuggles.πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’œ


  2. So happy for all of you! Jax looks so much better…I’m sure it has something to do with all the snuggles from mommies.


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