Pre-Op Day

Alright, finally got a couple of minutes to sit down and write a quick update on our day.

We arrived at the Stollery bright and early this morning expecting a long day of pre-op work up, and that’s exactly what it turned out to be!! We started the day off with a visit from the cardiology social worker (we made fun of this job title when he was at ACH, turns out it’s such a valuable job and these social workers have been a HUGE help to us). Followed by ECG, an hour and a half echocardiogram which was done by the surgical team so they could see exactly what they would be dealing with tomorrow. Then we got to sit down and meet with the surgeon and anesthesiologist. Each of them had great bedside manner and instilled a lot of confidence. At the end of our long day came the dreaded blood work…. Knowing that Jaxson is hard to find veins on (which is a common issue with people who have DS) 3 tries, and one screaming baby later they finally got enough blood to at least cross match his blood type in the event he needs a transfusion. After the blood work cafuffel we finally got our instructions for the night, our surgery time and we were on our way.

The day all in all went better then I thought. I must say this hospital had a totally different feel and atmosphere than ACH. This feels more like a factory and impersonal. HOWEVER we know this is the best place for Jax to be.

Tonight Jaxson gets to have 3 bubble baths (thank god he’s a water baby) with anti microbial wash. No feedings after midnight (this should be an interesting night :P) and off to the hospital at 0600 with surgery at 0720. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that surgery is a go!! Today all surgeries were cancelled due to bed shortages. I may just lose my shit if it gets cancelled, so I’m trying not to think about it!!

I just wanted to share the highlight of my day…. Jaxson is so easy going he fell asleep in the ‘chest X-ray child-smasher’, the techs couldn’t believe it!! Said they have never seen anything like it before. lol.



Your welcome for that laugh!!

I’ll make posts tomorrow whenever I can. Please send prayers, good thoughts and happy vibes to Jaxson!

2 thoughts on “Pre-Op Day

  1. Good luck I’ll be thinking about all of you give him a big kiss from me.
    Love you and miss you guys xo


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